Roads and Highways

Roads represent the level of infrastructure development of the society. As literacy rate is increasing and people are leaning towards a better & sophisticated lifestyle. It is obvious that they expect and question the Road building policies of Government. As the user expectations become higher and higher every day to have better, faster and safer highways, engineers need innovations in saving construction costs, construction time, reduce maintenance costs and provide better service.

We provide best in class road infrastructure development service. Our company is conscious about the challenges, better approaches and also experienced enough to work towards achieving the project targets. We also provide project assistance throughout the road development life cycle.

We deliver

  • Value engineering
  • Project & Quantities Cost estimation
  • Safety Audits and Alignment Studies
  • Construction Supervision
  • Contract Life cycle Management
  • Pavement Maintenance Management
  • Concept and Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering studies, Surveys and Investigations
  • Detailed Highway / Roadway Design
  • Junction and Interchange Design
  • Flyovers, underpasses and subways
  • Highway Facilities Design
  • Project Management and advisory services+